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Create Tweets From Facebook Fan Page

17 Jan

Like the idea of being more “social” online but tired of trying to hit so many sites every day?

Here’s a simple way to set your twitter account to auto and have it post everything from your facebook fan page.

What You Need:

1) Twitter Account – There are still a few million of us who simply don’t like Twitter. That said, it’s important to realize that Twitter can bring you free traffic so if you can post to it free and never manage it, why not?
2) Facebook Fan Page –  Many people still don’t understand how facebook pages work.  It’s simple enough.  A Facebook Fan page can be created for any topic you desire and managed under your normal Facebook account.  You can even do it completely anonymously, which appeals to many people.  Like all things Facebook, it’s easy.  

Before going any further, be sure that you’re logged in to the Twitter account that you want to use for auto-posting.  As soon as you are asked for permission, the post gets created.

Great job so far!

Next up.. visit and all the Facebook pages you manage will be displayed.

Simply click the “Link to Twitter” button and your posts are forever more automated.

All this said, a limited amount of engagement on Twitter can take you far so don’t be afraid to venture into unknown waters if Twitter is new to you and spend a few minutes a day reading other tweets and responding to those you find interesting.

You might even like it (unless you’re like me).

“This is great but I’d like to auto-post other places.  Is there any way to auto-post to Tumblr or some of the other more popular websites?”

Great question!  Next up… let’s discuss how to auto-post just about anywhere using one of the most creative sites we’ve seen come along in a long time.  Tune in tomorrow!

Following the above steps ensures success and you will now show Facebook posts on your Twitter account!



Jeff is a php web developer and designer with a focus on creating scripts that help others achieve financial success online.



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