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Our Tell-All Book For Making Money Online

22 Oct

Our Inspiration In Creating A Book

Creating a website for the first time can be a real challenge.  At the same time, it’s a skill set that you can take with you anywhere and the learning process is also quite fun… and dare we say, the easy part.

It’s easy because with the available tools online, anyone can have a complete site up and running in the same day that inspiration strikes, with absolutely no experience at all.  The “know how” and instruction to create a website can be found all over the web these days.  We even outline the steps to get you up and running on our homepage and include all the best advice that our experience has taught us.

But.. that’s  not enough.  We all want a little more.  After all, it’s no fun to create a website and have it hanging out there in the dark crevices of the internet, never to be found by people searching for information.  When you build a new website, you want an audience and/or you want to make money online.  This is the challenge and this is what trips most people up.

What if we told you it wasn’t as hard as it seems?  What if we could provide a step by step instruction guide to creating a website and getting traffic almost immediately?

If you read our ‘About Page’, we dive into the amount of money we’ve been able to make online and you’ll find several videos on our website of us logging into our accounts and showing our earnings.  Being able to create a money stream so quickly was the motivation behind starting Web-Design101 and we’ve always desired to show others who have struggled to make money online a system that we believe is one of the easiest methods to online success.

How do we do it?  Quite frankly, it’s not typical.  We create websites that get traffic by focusing on long-tail keywords and we drive traffic by getting a larger content base than any typical start-up website.  We have sites that we’ve launched with over 300,000 pages of content.  When you create a lot of content, you will get a lot of natural, organic traffic from Google searches.  In accomplishing this, we use our own home-grown php scripts that are developed in-house.  Nobody else uses these and we’ve never made them public.. until now.

Our First Book – Coming Soon!

If you’re not on our mailing list, you’ll want to get on it.  We’re working hard on our new book, which will be sold on Amazon and released in 2013, and our subscribers will not only have first access to this, but we’re going to offer a discount to our subscribers that will be exclusive and only available for a short time.

We’re nearing the end of the creation process and it’s not over-stating anything to promise you original content that you will find nowhere else online.  We’re going to reveal our money sites, how we created them and then best of all..  we’ll make the scripts accessible to you.

Part of the challenge in releasing our scripts in the past is knowing that there are those who simply want to profit off of anyone and everyone and will “take them and run”.  Since this has been our business model, we needed a better way to create an audience that we know will appreciate this system being revealed.

We feel strongly that releasing a book on Amazon is the best way to achieve a more earnest and appreciative audience.. authentic people who have had a difficult time earning money online but are willing to put the work in for a proven system.  If that’s you, you’re going to love this book.

We’ll also be opening up a private forum at the time of release as some of these scripts get a bit technical to get up and running.  That said, we’re currently focused on creating some simplified instructions that will make them as easy as possible to install and run.

More Info On The Way

We’ll release more details of what to expect as the release date gets closer.  If you’re worried about the price at all, don’t be.  If you forego a few Fiverr gigs for the month, you’ll be able to afford absolutely everything we have to offer.  (I’m telling you.. this is good stuff!)

Subscribers can expect an email that will detail what to expect in our book launch and the details surrounding discounts and forum memberships.  Sign up now (our subscribe box is in the right sidebar) and get to know us.  We’re looking forward to the coming year with anticipation and excitement and we hope you are too.





Jeff is a php web developer and designer with a focus on creating scripts that help others achieve financial success online.



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