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12 Sep

100,000 Facebook Fans in 30 Days?

Have you read about the guy that got 100,000 Facebook Fans in 30 days?  Here’s how I copied his Facebook News Tab app and created my own FanNewsCast alternative for free!

James Altucher is a blogger who has caused an internet stir with his TechCrunch article on Facebook Fan Page success.  His formula is simple:

  1. Setup a news tab feed using
  2. Drive targeted traffic to the page using
  3. Get so much traffic that you have to use for maintenance.

My first thought on reading the article is that this smells a lot like paid endorsements.  After all, James was a pretty successful blogger with a rather large following before his facebook success.  He’s a smart guy too.  Is it possible that he concocted a plan to blow his facebook fan page up while name dropping for a few extra bucks or “services rendered”?

Maybe not.  Hey.. I believe in aliens too, so being paranoid is part of who I am.

Let’s Contact Fan News Cast

After doing what thousands of people likely did when the article was released, I headed over to these “make money for you” sites that James so kindly promoted and I had a look.  FanNewsCast has some published examples of what they do.  What they don’t have is prices.

I emailed and we exchanged dialogue regarding what they do and how much they charge.  Here’s the gist of what they told  me:

For $50 – $100 a month, they will supply “custom content landing tabs” for your facebook page.  As the examples show, these are simply news tabs that show the latest trending stories in a particular niche.

Hey wait a minute.. In the article, James mentions that FanNewsCast worked as an Admin on his Facebook page and came up with the ads to target his friends.  I sent another email to inquire.  Here’s the response I received:

“We will schedule a 1hour Webex session where we can help you with Facebook initial campaigns for free.”

Hmmm…  not quite the “We’ll help you until you succeed” reply that James alluded to.

$50 a Month?!  I’ll Build My Own!

I kicked around the idea “to trust in James” but on going back to view the example pages some more, it struck me that I could copy what Fan News Cast was doing and bypass the monthly fee.  Let’s spend the extra money targeting people with Facebook Ads.

I headed over to CodeCanyon and found a nice “Sliding Tabs – jQuery Plugin“.  I ripped the guts out of the horizontal demo and replaced it with a welcome page (complete with my custom aWeber horizontal Opt-In) and several tabs of my own php code.  The code goes out and basically filters search results directly from the news search engines for a given keyword or phrase, displaying the results on my page.

I’ll admit it.. I’ve previously got myself in trouble coding in this way.  I was featured in a TechCrunch article when I used a similar method to make a few extra thousand using a very popular classifieds site.  But hey, it’s the search engines this time so let’s see what happens!

Next up, I installed a very popular iFrame app by Woobox on my Facebook page.  I customized a little further and you can click the ‘Welcome’ tab on my facebook page to see the final result.

There’s one other nice advantage to this.  Facebook fan page buttons are not that user friendly.  You have to back out of a page and often click a drop-down to see the full list of buttons.  This method allows one big landing tab button and then I can use the tabs to display as much as I like.  No “backing out” for visitors to see what other content I have to offer.

Want one for your facebook fan page?  Just contact me and I’ll set it up for you.  Tell me what topics you would like for your news page tabs.  I’ll create up to three tabs for anyone who request is free of charge.

Your Thoughts?

Is FanNewsCast worth it?  Is this custom content landing tabs alternative something that could be effective?  Is this method of gaining Facebook fans even effective?  I mean.. do people really take the time to explore the landing tabs before making a decision to like a fan page?  Have we seen any FanNewsCast reviews?

FanNewsCast states on their website, ”Our demonstration sites achieved over 1.6 million fans without the use of promotions or incentives. The fans were acquired using our curated content solution”.

Hmmm..  the fan pages may have gained the said amount of fans, but did the “trending news landing tabs” really  have anything to do with this or even help out that much?

I’m suspect, bordering on doubtful.

Lots of great question to answer.  I’m going to create a new Facebook ad campaign and try it out.  I’ll report back with the results!



Jeff is a php web developer and designer with a focus on creating scripts that help others achieve financial success online.



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  1. Steve Hartman September 13, 2012 at 3:17 pm #

    lol. I hadn’t seen the article but after checking it out, I’m trying to figure out how in the world his claims could be considered valid?

    Have you looked at the comments on his facebook fan page? Check out any of them. They’re ALL from foreign fb accounts. So these ad companies that were working so hard to target traffic for him got him all 3rd world country facebook fans. Come on!

    Great article. I’m more than suspect myself. I’m convinced this entire article was a fraud!

    • Andi Kratz September 13, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

      Glad you pointed that out. I was googling this to find out more and you’re absolutely right.. all those comments on his facebook page are very spammy!

      Not the kind of audience I want to build!

    • Jeff September 13, 2012 at 7:07 pm #

      Nice catch, Steve. It is further proof. I hadn’t gone so far as to look at the actual comment section on the page.

    • Clayton Bolz September 17, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

      Hey Guys, just came across this. I’m involved with FanNewscast (as a disclosure). First of all, I can tell you that James did get his additional fans using the FanNewscast landing page and ad strategy. He did decide to target globally, which did bring down his Facebook Ad costs. There are other folks that use FanNewscast to target local US demographics and get good like-rates –but of course, the Facebook ad costs to target that demographic will be more expensive. FanNewscast’s goal is to improve your fan ‘like-rate’ using proven engaging content relevant to your target audience. The costs to reach your audience is controlled by Facebook. However, FanNewscast does help you setup your ad strategy to help minimize ad cost. In that 1 hour webex session they help you setup that strategy and help you figure out your cost-per-fan given the audience you want to build.

      • Jeff September 17, 2012 at 11:10 pm #

        Hi Clayton. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Always nice to get clarification directly from the source. I didn’t realize that James used global traffic in his fb campaigns. I just went back to re-read and realized that he didn’t really specify.. so that does explain that. Appreciate the clarification.

        Overall.. slick app that your company has and it’s definitely worth checking out so I’d recommend anyone reading to swing by and give it a look. I’m currently testing a similar method with another fb fan page of mine and will be curious to see the results. I may just swing by myself after that to split-test.

  2. Rich Turner September 13, 2012 at 6:49 pm #

    At the end of the day, “Content is King”. If building an audience was this easy, people would have figured it out long ago.

    Shame on techcrunch for allowing that article on their site.

    • Jeff September 13, 2012 at 7:09 pm #

      Right you are, Rich! At the end of the day, creating a quality site is far more fun too.

  3. Christian September 13, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

    Is it just me or do you find it odd that his site is so popular? A PR5? I clicked around a while but really couldn’t find anything of value. Just ramblings.

    Sometimes, there’s just no explaining the online world.

    • Jeff September 14, 2012 at 1:30 am #

      Hi Christian.

      I didn’t look too long but actually thought he had some decent stuff so kind of surprised me to see this post but, like I said in my post, I’m just suspect. Maybe he really reeled in the traffic doing it that way.
      Hard to say for sure.

      I’m still working on setting up my first fb campaign. Kind of curious how well it does.

      • Clayton Bolz September 17, 2012 at 9:32 pm #

        FanNewscast is working on more online training videos and education materials, as well as, self help tools.