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How to Make Money with Amazon

19 Jul

Being a successful Amazon affiliate is simply a matter of creating a working system. Here’s my detailed system of making money with Amazon. I’ll be writing a series of posts on this and showing exactly how I create websites that do well by selling Amazon products.

How to Make Money From a Website

27 Apr

On starting the web design blog last year, I made a declaration that my goal was to make $4000 a month in 5 years. At the time, I really didn’t even have a plan. I just knew that I was going to make this my new goal and spend all my free time focused on [...]

Affiliate Link Cloaking

3 Apr

url redirect

Anyone who is serious about making money online understands the importance of affiliate link cloaking as even novice online surfers typically understand that you can hover over a link to see where it’s pointed before actually clicking it.   Having that link redirected to another site and ending with php?aff=3338 (or some random number) is [...]

Duplicate Content and a New Google Algorithm

1 Mar

Google releases a new algorithm for search engine results and sites with duplicate content or viewed as “content farms” were hit the hardest. Will the new algorithm make an ongoing difference and will it affect personal site owners as much as large sites?

How to Increase AdSense Earnings

2 Dec

how to make money online

My AdSense earnings continue to grow every month. By creating websites that offer value, I have found the key to success in making money online! This post has a video of my latest AdSense earnings and begins to detail the process of how I make money online.

Choosing the Right Niche

26 Nov

AdSense Target

Are you struggling to make money online? My most successful method of making money online involves choosing the right niche. Understanding how to choose a niche is the quickest way to achieving online earnings.

Are You Waiting For Your Blog To Make Money?

7 Nov

A successful blog requires a lot of cultivating and waiting, but are you so committed to waiting that you’re passing up potential earnings today?

10 Reasons Batman Would Blog

4 Oct

Strong Titles

Did you know that over 80% of people will read (or worse.. not read) an article or post, based on the title?
If you’ve taken the time to write a quality article, don’t slap the first title on that comes to mind.  Your title is the best advertisement you have for your article.  It’s a one [...]

Should You Force Visitors to Log In to Your Website?

3 Oct

Members Only

Starting a New Website
Starting a website is a lot like starting a new business in your hometown. You need to rent the space, build it, advertise heavily and treat those new customers walking in like gold. You want them to have a memorable and positive experience so they will return and spread the word.
With this [...]

Are You Using FBML for Your Facebook Page?

2 Oct


Use FBML to create a custom facebook page for your visitors