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FanNewsCast Alternative

12 Sep

100,000 Facebook Fans in 30 Days?
Have you read about the guy that got 100,000 Facebook Fans in 30 days?  Here’s how I copied his Facebook News Tab app and created my own FanNewsCast alternative for free!
James Altucher is a blogger who has caused an internet stir with his TechCrunch article on Facebook Fan Page success. [...]

Duplicate Content and a New Google Algorithm

1 Mar

Google releases a new algorithm for search engine results and sites with duplicate content or viewed as “content farms” were hit the hardest. Will the new algorithm make an ongoing difference and will it affect personal site owners as much as large sites?

How to Create Large RSS Feeds From Small Feeds

1 Feb


Do you ever subscribe to a rss feed, only to discover that you are now getting a short “preview feed” in your RSS reader? Preview feeds can be annoying but no more! Web-Design101 now offers a free tool to convert short rss feeds into full text feeds.

Insert WordPress Posts Through MySQL and Create Large Websites Quickly

8 Dec

PHP MySQL WordPress

Want to create a large website from a simple Excel file? This is a simple tutorial that shows how to create thousands of posts in a very short time, randomize them and create blog content that will appear as new on your blog every day.

Does Your Link Bait Smell Fishy?

6 Oct

Link Bait

Link Bait is used by many websites to entice visitors to engage in their site. Is your link bait offering your guests something of value?

10 Reasons Batman Would Blog

4 Oct

Strong Titles

Did you know that over 80% of people will read (or worse.. not read) an article or post, based on the title?
If you’ve taken the time to write a quality article, don’t slap the first title on that comes to mind.  Your title is the best advertisement you have for your article.  It’s a one [...]

Are You Using FBML for Your Facebook Page?

2 Oct


Use FBML to create a custom facebook page for your visitors

The Strangest Secret I’ve Ever Heard

1 Oct

Web Design has a lot to do with where you draw inspiration. Give a listen to one of my favorite inspirational messages.