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Landing Page Tutorial

10 Sep

landing page

The Landing Page Advantage
Building a landing page is a great way to sell your product online. If you are spending money to display ads on another website, make sure the ads link to a landing page.
A landing page will describe the offer in detail and it keeps visitors focused on the product, rather than sending [...]

First Impressions of Your Website

5 Sep

Above the Fold
Less than two seconds.. that’s how long you have to convince someone to remain on your site.
When it comes to the average visitor that arrives for the first time from Google, most blogs will lose this battle. New visitors are goal focused and arrive at your site with a specific agenda. They don’t [...]

Install Facebook Comments on Your WordPress Blog

29 Aug

facebook id

Sharing is a beautiful thing.  Facebook is helping things along, allowing wordpress blogs to utilize the power of Facebook sharing.
Today’s post is a foray into the world of facebook comments and a quick “how to” on finding your numerical facebook id, which is the key to moderating comments.
First, let’s look at our favorite free Facebook [...]

Affiliate Link Cloaking

3 Apr

url redirect

Anyone who is serious about making money online understands the importance of affiliate link cloaking as even novice online surfers typically understand that you can hover over a link to see where it’s pointed before actually clicking it.   Having that link redirected to another site and ending with php?aff=3338 (or some random number) is [...]

New WordPress Theme – October Red

29 Oct

WordPress Theme October 2010

October Red is a new WordPress theme I have released in October 2010. The theme was based on the original homepage of Web-Design101.
This was just a fun side project as I wanted to see what all was involved in creating a theme from scratch.  It turns out that it’s really not that difficult if you [...]

How to Create an Eye-Catching Call Out For Your Blog

15 Oct

call out box

Create an eye-catching Call Out Box for your blog and bring focus to the most important information in your article.

10 Reasons Batman Would Blog

4 Oct

Strong Titles

Did you know that over 80% of people will read (or worse.. not read) an article or post, based on the title?
If you’ve taken the time to write a quality article, don’t slap the first title on that comes to mind.  Your title is the best advertisement you have for your article.  It’s a one [...]