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First Impressions of Your Website

5 Sep

Above the Fold
Less than two seconds.. that’s how long you have to convince someone to remain on your site.
When it comes to the average visitor that arrives for the first time from Google, most blogs will lose this battle. New visitors are goal focused and arrive at your site with a specific agenda. They don’t [...]

How I Made Almost $3000 With AdSense in June

31 Jul

As my last post stated, I’m currently focuses on making money with Amazon, and the month of August will have many new posts dedicated to this. If you want to earn with Amazon, I encourage you to tune in. I’m learning a lot and it’s paying off quickly. I’ll be sharing absolutely every tip I can think of to help you earn a monthly paycheck from Amazon.

How to Make Money with Amazon

19 Jul

Being a successful Amazon affiliate is simply a matter of creating a working system. Here’s my detailed system of making money with Amazon. I’ll be writing a series of posts on this and showing exactly how I create websites that do well by selling Amazon products.

My First $1500 Month

7 May

April saw my earnings jump higher than ever before, earning me almost $1500. Check out the video below. You’ll likely want to hover over the bottom right of the video and expand it to full screen to be able to see it well. (Press esc to return to normal again)
What did I do different? Quite [...]

How to Make Money From a Website

27 Apr

On starting the web design blog last year, I made a declaration that my goal was to make $4000 a month in 5 years. At the time, I really didn’t even have a plan. I just knew that I was going to make this my new goal and spend all my free time focused on [...]

Affiliate Link Cloaking

3 Apr

url redirect

Anyone who is serious about making money online understands the importance of affiliate link cloaking as even novice online surfers typically understand that you can hover over a link to see where it’s pointed before actually clicking it.   Having that link redirected to another site and ending with php?aff=3338 (or some random number) is [...]

AdSense Earnings Up and Lessons Learned

1 Apr

money tree

March 2010 has come and gone. My AdSense earnings saw a substantial increase over the last two months and here are some of the things I’ve done to boost my earnings.

Duplicate Content and a New Google Algorithm

1 Mar

Google releases a new algorithm for search engine results and sites with duplicate content or viewed as “content farms” were hit the hardest. Will the new algorithm make an ongoing difference and will it affect personal site owners as much as large sites?

How to Create Large RSS Feeds From Small Feeds

1 Feb


Do you ever subscribe to a rss feed, only to discover that you are now getting a short “preview feed” in your RSS reader? Preview feeds can be annoying but no more! Web-Design101 now offers a free tool to convert short rss feeds into full text feeds.

What To Do When AdSense Earnings Drop

17 Jan


Well here it is the middle of January and I’m just now getting around to creating my first post of the new year. Hope everyone has been enjoying the new year! I’m thankful for such a wonderful and beautiful family and great friends all around. I’m also thankful for the very mild winter so far!
Well [...]

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