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Making Money Online

Did you know that thousands of people are making money online every day by simply blogging?

Would you like to learn how to make enough money online to quit your job and work from home on your computer every day?

I know this almost sounds too good to be true but in 2010, I started my own AdSense journey.  In June, 2012, I achieved my first $4000 month in AdSense and duplicated the feat again in August.  Our collective family online income was over $5500 for the month and this was also a new record.

And unlike so many sites online that make wild claims, I have always shared videos of myself logging in to verify my income streams.  Look around the site and you’ll see many videos and articles on my earnings.

Before having success myself, even I didn’t believe the so-called “hype” that I was reading online about people making thousands of dollars.  But it did seem possible that I could make hundreds so I moved passionately towards this goal.  In only six months online, I achieved my first $500 month.

I was as stunned as anyone but realizing the possibilities, I worked even harder and surpassed all my own goals and expectations.  I’ve managed to steadily increase earnings through several websites I have created and driving traffic to those sites by different means.

Several months after my start, my husband Jeff started promoting the classifieds websites that he had created.  He also saw instant results and has done very well with AdSense as well as selling his own scripts for profit.

Jeff took his own AdSense road and achieved results in a very different way.  As a php developer, he was scripting and automating a lot of tools that were working very well.  However, he also had a large portion taken of his earnings taken away by relying on automation too heavily.

TechCrunch even called us on the phone one afternoon and featured him in an article about this.  We’re going to cover this in detail right here on this site and it’s an awesome learning experience and very inspiring.

We invite you along on our journey.  As of September, 2012, we’ve revamped (and revived) web-design101 and we’ll be passing on what we’ve learned.  We have many posts planned and you can expect a “tell all” approach of how we have achieved online success.

Can You Do This?

We attribute our online success to hard work and a little luck.  The “right place, right time” has played a part in it but we do firmly believe that anyone can achieve all the online success we have, and more, if the proper steps are taken.

  • Do you know what AdSense is?
  • Are you currently monetizing your website?
  • Do you know the real secrets to getting traffic to your blog?
  • Is your site setup to keep a first-time visitor from leaving?
  • Do you wish you had a proven formula for success to follow?
  • Do you want to learn how to create passive income every month online while doing what you love?

These are only some of the questions that need answered and we’d love to offer our input on them and help in any way we can.

Your first step is to sign up for our latest posts and email updates.  We send the latest posts, as well as some very special offers for those on our list.


Next steps?

For web-design101, I’m super excited to be bringing my husband on board.  This is officially a joint project and we plan on blogging a lot more.

For you, get subscribed and then…

1) Be prepared to work. It’s not easy and there’s a lot to learn. If you’re willing to put in the time, you’ll be successful at this.

2) Interact. Let’s talk. Read the emails we send your way and talk to us.  Let us know if you’re struggling and what you’re sticking points are.  Keep in mind that we’ve already faced all the same problems that are part of the journey to becoming successful online.

I admit it.. I still have a hard time sharing any “secrets” with people I know are just out for the money. Th e purpose of this site is to share knowledge and we earnestly want to do that with honest people who want to learn and develop positive relationships.

Let’s get to know each other. If you give us the opportunity, we’ll likely surprise you and you might just surprise yourself along the way.

Amy & Jeff



Amy Kastner is a Web-Designer who is passionate about design and helping others.
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