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Create a PDF from an RSS feed or any webpage URL
Multi-story options

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Quick Start

  1. Enter the url of the web page you want to convert to a pdf
  2. Select the desired template (Click the dropdown on 'Template' to understand the difference)
  3. Select the appropriate check boxes if you want to include Images and Date and Time
  4. Enter any title that you want at the top of your pdf. Your URL is recommended
  5. Play with the 'Multi-story options' to see if they fit your needs
  6. That's it! Click the button to create your pdf from a web page and save!

Want to create a pdf of your content without ever leaving your site?


Rather than copying and pasting URLs into this form, you can add the bookmarklet on this page to your browser. Simply drag the link below to your browser's bookmarks toolbar. Then whenever you'd like a PDF version of an article, click the bookmarklet.

Drag this:

Note: This will create a PDF using single story mode, with images enabled.

URL Construction

To create a PDF from a web page or a feed, pass the URL (encoded) in the querystring to the following URL:

  • /makepdf.php?v=2.4&url=[url]

All the parameters in the form above can be passed in this way. Examine the URL in the address bar after you click 'Create PDF' to see the values.

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