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Welcome to Web Design 101!

...where you'll find free web design tutorials and resources that will allow you to create a new website. These beginner web design resources will take you through the entire process of creating a website, promoting it and making money online.

Web-Design101 was created by husband/wife team, Jeff & Amy Kastner. We live in Springfield, Missouri and this website is our way helping others to achieve the online success we've had in the last few years. In 2010, we had zero online earnings and didn't know the first thing about making money online. Today, we're living the online dream, having seen our monthly income rise into the thousands. You can do this too!

Watch a video of me logging in to AdSense and making over $2800 in one month.

Creating Your Own Website?

If your goal is to make money with a website or blog, learn these topics to the right. You'll have a huge advantage in building and monetizing your site.

Create a Website

This site is a web page design tutorial for beginners. It's an all in one solution for anyone starting out with website creation. Learn how to create a blog for the first time. Learn how to start a website for free or how to invest a minimal amount to get a professional website up and running.

Market Your Website

easy as 123Learn how to make your own website for free, how to drive traffic to your website and how to use webmaster tools to analyze your traffic. Learn how to increase your web presence with the power of search engines. It's all here and presented in an easy to learn format for you. Be sure to subscribe to get all the latest content emailed to you. Thatís all youíll get Ė we wonít be offering you any male enhancement products or large sums of money from Nigeria. Pinky swear. This is just new upates from, where we advise only on site building and creating online income.

Sign Up For the Newsletter and Receive This Free Ebook

free ebookThe free e-book is sent to everyone on my subscription list. Inside, you'll be guided through the process of creating a new website and learning how to make money with your website, complete with links to video tutorials.

This is a no-nonsense approach to building the best website with the least investment and how to create online income with that website. If you're like me and you'd like to see the proof of online income, check out the official Web-Design101 Blog and view my earnings. I'm able to boast one of the quickest methods of making money online and the method I created and use is available for free at Web Design 101.

You won't find false earnings and made up claims here. All earnings are shown on video for the sole purpose of demonstrating a real and working system that anyone can employ.

Do you want a free website? Will you use Wordpress or create a site with HTML? What's the best host? What are nameservers and how do you set them? How do you install a site? How do you use MySQL? How do you use AdSense to make money? What are some other online sources of income that work?

This ebook provides a wealth of information on each topic, presented in a very easy to understand format for beginners. By the end of the book, you'll not only understand the website creation process completely, you will have a step by step tutorial for creating a website or blog that will attract a large audience and allow you to make a monthly income online.

There's a lot of information online for doing this but so much of it is diluted or not explained well. I have some personal tips for getting traffic to your website that I have found to be "top performers" among all techniques available. I won't call these "secrets." This is just great information that I've learned through nothing more than solid experience in building new websites, working with AdSense and making money online.

But there are many websites that give AdSense tips, right? Here's why our information is unique.

Other sites are giving you advice, based on already having a lot of website traffic built up. Being already established with hundreds or thousands of website visitors is simply not the same as starting a website and trying to create new traffic and new profit.

This information is written for beginners but anyone with a website can benefit from it. I'm showing you how to do this from step 1. Create a website, monetize it and earn money from it.

If your interested and want to receive your free download, please subscribe to the mailing list and you'll be sent a link in your email. If you change your mind, you'll find a nice big 'Unsubscribe from Newsletter' link in every email. Hope to hear from you soon!


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about Amy Kastner is a Web-Designer, Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Specialist. You can usually find her on twitter, where she occasionally writes about interesting stuff.

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